About us

Behind every company is a team full of creative minds, thinkers and doers.
We love gaming and everything that goes with it,
so we are passionate about driving the industry forward!

It’s our vision to bring gamers of all cultures together, side by side, to share the tears and joy of Esports. 

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The GM5 family


Li Bickerich

Founder & managing Director

Li is a co-founder of „Give Me 5“. Li was born in China, studied in Germany and holds an MBA from a European Business School. Li has spent the last 10 years working in finance for a large enterprise in Europe and her true passion lies in eSports. She is an avid fan of LoL, attending fan and eSports events of all kinds. She loves to travel, meet people and share experiences. 


Nan Zhang

Co-Founder & travel Operator

Nan is a co-founder of „Give Me 5“. Nan is Chinese and lives in China. He is a professional travel agent with 8 years’ experience in the industry and has successfully provided over 500,000 people with seamless travel services.


Tim Wiedrig

Co-Founder & Head of Marketing

Tim is a former business student and founder of PimpUp together with Nicolas Keppel. He is a passionate entrepreneur, enjoys facing new challenges and meeting new people. Tim is fascinated by the gaming culture and the unique community surrounding it. Together with Li and Nan, his goal is to create unique added value and experiences for the gaming community. 


Nicolas Keppel

Co-Founder & web developer

Nicolas is a former business informatics student and founder of PimpUp together with Tim Wiedrig. He is specialised in programming and web development with many years’ experience in the field. A huge fan of LoL, Nicolas has been playing since S1 and loves everything that comes with it. Together with Li and Nan, it is his goal to connect players around the world both online and offline.

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