In addition to the events, we also want to show you something about culture and the cities themselves, planned and organized by our local partners.
We want to provide all gamers with the most enjoyable experience and the easiest acces to E-sports events!
Gaming Hotel
In our bookable packages you will find two options: Esports Hotels to take the gaming experience to the next level. As a second option, we offer classic hotels for relaxation between events.
Gaming Party
After the game is before the game. We want to celebrate together, it doesn't matter which team won, we just want to have fun.


round trip flight

Our service package offers round trip flights to the event’s destination with a guide who accompanies you for your whole stay (arrival to departure).

Access to Local server

We are all interested in playing on other servers. How salty is the community? How good are the players? Therefore we can offer you access to accounts which are already registered on the local servers.

Transfer with guide

Traveling to another country can be very overwhelming, which is why our service package includes transfers from event to event, always accompanied by a guide.

Internet access & VPN

Of course, the internet and gaming should not be missing on an esports trip, which is why we grant you 24h internet access and a VPN.

Gaming Party

After the game is before the game. We want to celebrate together, it doesn't matter which team won, we just want to have fun.

Public Viewing

We cannot go to every game, so we will watch the remaining battles together on a giant screen.

Gaming experience

We offer you alternative gaming experiences, such as visiting Esport Team head quarter and to play in 5v5 tournaments with local fans. After-game parties and more.

Day Trips

Together with our local partners, we offer various day trips to the most famous and extraordinary sights.


Hi summoners, what are you waiting for!
Join us and get your unforgettable experience of a lifetime!

Hold the cup, summoners!

In the last two weeks, it has been decided who will be the new League of Legends Worlds winner. Together we cheer on our favorites!

The Last challenger

In the penultimate two weeks of the League of Legend Worlds, it will be decided which two teams will move into the final. Together we will watch the quarterfinals and the two semifinals on the first trip.



We offer two different types of hotels on our trips:

Classic Hotels

In addition to esports hotels, we also offer classic 4-star hotels in our trip package. These hotels are intended for guests who want to relax and enjoy their vacation during the events.

Esports Hotels

Play until the morning gray and the next day exactly the same from the beginning, thanks to the Esports Hotels this is also possible on the trip.


Due to the current situation, we do not know exactly where the next League of Legends Worlds will take place.
We only know that the next two World Championships will most likely be held in China and the United States.

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